HOUTMAN+SANDER is rooted in the discipline of landscape architecture. Based on this discipline, HOUTMAN+SANDER designs urban and open space. The office distinguishes itself by a large notion of buildability and a large sense for detail. Every design is custom made for the specific location, the context and its users.

We put the surroundings of villages and cities under the microscope. New urban plans are approached with our sustainable vision on public space. This approach is interesting for municipalities, housing corporations and real estate developers. The quality of open space does not only rely on a well thought structure, but also on careful use of materials and detail.

HOUTMAN+SANDER can specify designs into the smallest detail. We also advice our clients during the preparation and realization of the design, to make sure it is executed as intended.

Urban structures and the design of open space don’t last forever. A new purpose, social problems or residential renovation or development can lead to an area’s development. HOUTMAN+SANDER doesn’t feel that all things old should simply be replaced. We work on several transformations where cultural history and the value of landscape form important principles for redeveloping.

HOUTMAN+SANDER has an extensive network of people and organisations in different professional capacities. Working with specialists within this network, HOUTMAN+SANDER is capable of delivering custom made design solutions. The design capacity of the office can easily be extended.